Paintless dent removal

Whether you’ve recently gotten into a minor accident or accidentally nicked your car, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a dent on your vehicle. It spoils the aesthetic of your vehicle and, more importantly, may require parts to be replaced. Whether it’s a small ding from a shopping cart or more severe damage from a hailstorm or fallen tree branch, at Auto Dent Care, our paintless dent removal in Sydney will repair all the above without the added cost of repainting your vehicle.

Our expert staff will speed up your repair and ensure the best quality finish of your vehicle with our exceptional Sydney paintless dent removal (PDR) service. We understand it can be nerve-wracking, leaving your prized possession behind with the uncertainty of how your car will look once it’s done.

At Auto Dentcare, we’re car enthusiasts who love what we do. Our passion for cars makes our trusted staff strive for perfection every time. After all, there’s no greater feeling than watching our customers smile as they fall in love with their prized joy all over again. As prestige car experts working with reputable brands like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover and more, you can depend on our skilled and qualified technicians to take the utmost care of your vehicle as though it were their car.

What is PDR?

Paintless dent removal in Sydney

Paintless Dent Removal also known as PDR is the art of removing dents on vehicle panels without damaging the original paintwork. The original factory paint on your vehicle is by far the best paint coat and cannot be replicated. Paintless dent removal is the superior process to restore damaged areas to perfection and maintain your factory paint coat by using specialised tools.

Auto Dent CareAuto Dent Care

Why choose PDR?

The most common dents are from parking dents like a trolley or tree branch, but also big dents caused by minor collisions — all of which can be repaired via the paintless dent removal technique.

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Auto Dent Care is Sydney’s trusted company for paint less dent repair with many years of experience repairing prestige and classic car brands which include Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Ferrari, Maserati, classic cars and more. Check out the results for themselves.
Maintain your factory paint coat.
Protect/maintaining the value of your car.
Increase the resale value.
Superior repair over conventional panel shop.
Quick turnaround.
Save time and money.

Auto Dent Care — the paintless dent removal in Sydney you can count on

Book your paintless dent removal in Sydney with Auto Dent Care, Australia’s fully licenced, prestige car experts. As car enthusiasts, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in the best hands. We’re so sure of our exceptional services; we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee or your money back. We’ll even provide you with one of our replacement vehicles for free, so you can go about your day while we take care of the rest.

The Italian craftsmanship and the qualified technicians ensure our customers receive the highest quality repair possible. You would not want to risk your repairs with anyone other than the best.


How much does paintless dent removal in Sydney cost?
Paintless dent removal in Sydney costs anywhere between hundreds to thousands. At Auto Dentcare, our repairs start at $160 with GST included and can reach up to $3,000 or above for a single panel. The price varies depending on the car model and size, severity and location of the damage, and the duration of time to remove and reinstall parts. The majority of repairs usually cost between $300 to $900, while more complex repairs would exceed $1,000 and might require additional disassembling of parts and trims.
How long does PDR take?
Our Sydney paintless dent removal takes anywhere between an hour to two or three days, depending on the damages. We complete most of our repairs on the same day, while quick repairs that take less than one or two hours we do on the spot. You don’t even need to book an appointment for these small fixes. Simply walk in, and we’ll fix it in no time.
Can I use my insurance for paintless dent removal in Sydney?
Yes, as long as the policy has a choice of repairer, or they call any repairer. We can repair more expensive dents if the customer decides to lodge an insurance claim. We provide a lifetime warranty and replacement vehicles for free in this case.

Our three easy steps

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We will inspect your vehicle and give you the best option to repair it (private or through insurance)
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With every hail damage repair you will be given a free courtesy car to keep you on the move while your car is been repaired.
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After you have lodged your claim or decided to pay privately we will perform the repair to your vehicle.
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