The PDR & Detailing specialists in Sydney 

Paintless dent removal

The original factory paint on your vehicle is by far the best paint coat and cannot be replicated. Paintless dent removal is the superior process to restore damaged areas to perfection.

Hail Damage Repair

ADC will take the stress away and handle the repair process hassle free for you. We have a solid reputation providing the highest quality hail damage repair, repairing thousands of vehicles every year.

Bespoke Detailing

Car detailing is a methodical process that requires great attention and the ability to systematically carry out the necessary steps needed to keep your paintwork protected and looking its best!

Ceramic Car Paint Protection

We offer a wide range of Ceramic Paint Protection Packages to suit every individual's needs and budget. All Ceramic Coating Packages include a Single-Stage Paint Correction (additional paint correction will incur additional fees) to remove minor defects, enhance gloss and clarity before the coating is applied. 

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