Hail Damage Repair

Paintless Dent Removal also known as PDR is the art of removing dents on vehicle panels without damaging the original paintwork.
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Hail damage repair in Sydney

Hail damage is a catastrophic event that occurs when water freezes in the upper regions of storm clouds, mainly during summertime, and can vary in size, all from 5mm to 20mm up to as big as 150mm. As the size can vary, the extent of the damage will too.

It can be costly therefore if you leave your car outside. Make sure to have comprehensive insurance in order to cover the cost of any potential hail damage repair. It is also considered to have choice of repair on your insurance policy. Check your PDS.

Get the right coverage for your vehicle

Auto Dent Care, as an independent hail repair shop, when hail storm occurs, make sure you give us a call first, as it is highly advised to have made a consultation with us before you call your insurer. Often, they will recommend their own preferred repairer, with the main focus of cost savings and providing little or no quality to the repairs. It is a main procedure that insurance companies use ‘dodgy hail repairers’, where they bring in repairers from overseas, with the only intention of saving the most amount of money possible. Some of them may not even be licensed to do the work.

So make sure to tick that box for having your ‘Choice of Repairers’. With the risk of high costs and panel shops taking weeks or months to repair your vehicle, we at Auto Dent Car will take the stress away and handle the repair process hassle free for you. With a more efficient and time fashion procedure, the PDR technique is by far the best way to fix your car from a hail damage storm. You will retain your factory paint on your car, and you will not occur in a potential diminished value of your own asset.

We repair all vehicle brands

We work with all major insurance companies

20+ years experience

Why choose our Services?

Maintain your factory paint coat.
Protect/maintaining the value of your car.
100% Customer Satisfaction
5 Star Rated on google
Increase the resale value.
Superior repair over conventional panel shop.
Quick turnaround.
Save time and money.

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