Protect your paint!

The original factory paint coat on your vehicle is by far the best paint coat and cannot be replicated even by the very best painter. Flaws, dust nibs, inconsistency in the orange peel or incorrect color matching are struggles that are always present with a vehicle respray.
You can avoid all of that by choosing to repair your car by the paintless dent repair method.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use PDR; 

  1. Keep your OEM paint coat, which is by far the best and most resilient.
  2. Maintain the resale value of your car. 
  3. Superior quality repair over traditional panel shops.
  4. Quick turnaround. Most of the repairs can be done in the same day, so you will avoid endless vehicle downtime that normally occurs in a conventional body shop.
  5. It is an environmentally friendly repair method. Our repair process is paint and chemical free, so it helps keep our world a healthier place!

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