It is for sure a valid question, what is detailing? We can say that we all wash our cars, some more than others, to either keep your vehicle looking good or for legal reasons, driving around without being able to see the number plate or lights, is an easy fine you are able to avoid by just a car wash. There are levels to cleaning a car, and when does it go from a simple car wash to a detailing? If you wash your car either at home or at a car wash you are removing the dirt on top of the paint. Of course, the services that a car wash can also differ, they can offer to wax, vacuum, clean tyres and wheel and finish off drying the car using a towel to avoid any noticeable water marks.

Handing your car to a valet instead, can include further service and more attention to detail. There are many things that can be done to make sure the car ages well, just as us humans, if we take care of ourselves, the better the surface will look. So, the question still remains, when does it go from a wash to “detailing”? Well, easily put, detailing is when it goes far deeper than what’s on top of the paint. The results possible with a detailing are endless and there are so many layers from a basic pre-sale detailing to a full restoration and show car finish. The car can look even better than when it came out of the factory with the right detailing.

Starting with a good snow foam, followed by thorough wash to remove any contaminants and fully decontaminate the paint and any other surfaces from all the dirt on ingrained particles that have deposited on the vehicle over time. After that, we go over the panels with the clay bar, properly lubricated to remove embedded contaminants in the paint, such as tar, tree sap or anything that’s buried deep enough that has not been picked up in the first washing step. When it comes to wheels, often we take a step further and remove them from the car, enabling to restore the inner barrels, the wheel arches linings and brake calipers to a show room condition, or even better if a customer demands it.

For the interior, a good detail job, will consist into vacuum all areas, use carpet shampoo to remove any stains. Seats sometimes are removed, in order to reach any angle and narrow spot, whether leather or cloth, will be worked with very specific products and often finished with a protector. Other surfaces such as upholstery, trims, and headlining, will also be thoroughly cleaned using specific products, special brushes, and compressed air to clean any vents or dials found in the car. Windows and seals will also be taken care of. Plastic moulds can be rejuvenated with specific products, and make them look again like brand new, giving that deep dark finish. Engine bays can be treated too and undercarriage if a hoist is available, there are literally no limits to the level of perfection that can be achieved.

In relation to the paint on your car, over time a vehicle's paintwork may begin to fade and lose its lustre. There are several components that cause the paint to start looking dull, from UV damage from the sun to repetitive incorrect washing and drying that may have left micro-scratches behind. That can be improved by a simple polish or completely restored by correcting the paint surface by multiple steps of machine polishing or even wet sanding. Achieving a result that could often be better than factory! But what it is paint correction? Paint correction is the process of using combinations of abrasive pads and products. A machine polish (Rotary or dual action) is used to remove swirls, buffer haze, marring, watermarks, and other imperfections to restore gloss, clarity, and depth, leaving a swirl free finish.

Once a proper detail restoration is complete, you will want to finish the job with a layer of protection by either applying a good wax, sealant or ceramic coating. This will not only protect the work just done, but also increase the longevity of the finish the detailer has spent so long achieving. A good wax will require re-applying at least twice a year to fully protect the paint while ceramic coating can last many years, if applied correctly. A ceramic paint protection will make your car look better as it will be adding gloss and depth to the paint. As the ceramic coating lasts years, this means you should never wax or polish your car again which will not only save you time but also save the paintwork from more abrasion and chemicals. It will also make it a lot easier to maintain your car and with every wash look as good as new. Ceramic paint protection is resistant to adhesion, so dirt and oils will easily fall off while drying will also be a breeze as the water will take the path of least resistance whether you are using a microfiber cloth or blowing the water off the car.

Auto Dent Care in Sydney are certified and accredited Gtechniq and Nxtzen applicator and will make sure to do the job to perfection the first time! But, at the end of the day, “The art of making a car beautiful is time”. The expectation of the end result is explanatory based on 30-minute car wash, 2-3 hours detailing or days up to a week spent on the car. What can be accomplished with a detail is all based on the time you are willing to pay for making the end result ‘’ok’’ or perfect.

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