Tim's Mercedes A Class Sharp Dent Repair

Is there anything more frustrating than a door ding after you have been at the shopping mall? Having that unpleasant surprise, the moment you pick up your car?
This is exactly what happened to Tim’s brand-new Mercedes-Benz A Class.

Tim and his wife were having a shopping day at Westfield, and on their way back to the car park they spotted the worst discovery… A trolley had badly impacted their car, damaging the front door in a significant way. As a result, the car had two very sharp dents and a scratch on the fresh brand-new white paint.

Tim started browsing around to repair his vehicle and every single panel shop was considering replacing the door with a new one, repaint it and then have the consequent adjacent panels blended. Usually when a repaint on a vehicle is performed, painting the panels next to the damaged one is required to blend the colors and make the repair invisible. That obviously, as you can imagine it is quite expensive, and you are not wrong! Tim got quoted up to $4,500 to repair this damage.

To add to above, respraying a vehicle also diminishes its value and you might have trouble at a potential resale. However, this can be avoided when PDR is used instead of conventional repair. Paintless dent removal will maintain the original paint and will keep the factory paint warranty on the vehicle.

Therefore, that is the method Tim chose to use to repair his car.

A customer of ours recommended ADC to Tim, as the company to go to when extreme dents occur. We had a chat via phone and booked an appointment for an inspection.

The day Tim shows up at our workshop in Artarmon, in the lower north shore of Sydney, the first thought we had when we saw the car was, ‘no way we can fix that’. After having a better look and a long chat with Tim discussing the options, we decided to give it a go and booked his car for a repair.

As mentioned before, we were a little skeptical that this very, very sharp dent could be fixed via paintless dent repair method. But ADC have built our business around always pushing the boundaries and always challenging ourselves to do repairs that the other competitors would not even try.

So, challenge was full on!

We started first thing with removing all the trims, glass and everything from the front door that could be in our way to access the damaged area from behind. The next step was removing the full door and fixing it onto a stand. That will give us more freedom to access the damaged area from multiple points.

The technique that was used is the pushing technique, which means massaging the damaged dented area from the back of the panel by special tools and rods. With any dents there will also be high spots, or high areas. All those high spots were addressed by hammering them via special hammers with plastic tips, so they do not scratch the paint, until the metal was perfectly leveled and flat.

A life changer for this repair was using our power PDR box, a special tool that help us repair very deep and stretched dents like this one.

After many hours of work, surprisingly, we managed to achieve a very pleasing result! Honestly, we were happy and impressed about how good the repair turned out.
Then it was time to put the door back on the vehicle, reinstall all the upholsteries and call the customer to give him the really good news, that his pride and joy was like brand dashing new again!

We should have film him and his wife’s reaction on the day of the collection because it was priceless! They were both smiling and laughing with happiness. They were so positively surprised, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. It is extremely satisfying and rewording seeing a customer so happy with our work. It makes us proud of what we do, it keeps us motivated to always push the boundaries and strive to become better and leaders in our industry.

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