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Bespoke Car Detailing Service

While it might be tempting to detail your car yourself by cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle, there’s nothing quite like our Sydney premium car detailing to have your car looking brand spanking new in no time. At Auto Dent Care, we offer a range of bespoke services from our expert staff, who only use the most high-quality products to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. With meticulous attention to detail, our staff keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and equipment for a polished finish.

After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching our customers smile as they fall in love with their prized joy all over again. As prestige car experts working with renowned brands from Porsche and Mercedes-Benz to BMW, Audi, Land Rover and more, you can count on our skilled and qualified technicians to take the utmost care of your vehicle as though it were their own.

Discover our bespoke car detailing in Sydney

If you’re asking yourself why you should have your car detailed, our exceptional detail services have endless possibilities. Choose from our Sydney pre-sale car detailing to a full restoration and show car finish that will have your car looking even better than when you first bought it!

At Auto Dent Care, we offer an array of bespoke car detailing services to clean and restore our customers’ vehicles to a far more intensive level than your average car wash. Our services include:

Car Detailing

At Auto Dent Care, our Sydney car detailing services include the following four stages of vehicle preservation:

  • Exterior car maintenance — Safely remove surface dust, bug splatter, environmental fallout and other surface contamination via car washing.  This includes handwashing the rims, door handles and glass windows with specialised, high-quality products.
  • Interior car clean — We will vacuum your car seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area and truck to clean debris. Any stains or imperfections will be removed with careful attention to detail, while leather trimming will ensure specific products maintain any leather parts of your vehicle. You can look forward to a refreshing deodoriser at the end of your car detail to leave the car smelling crisp and clean.
  • Restoration — Remove embedded contaminants and machine polish the paintwork to remove swirls, marring, watermarks and other imperfections to restore gloss, clarity and depth.
  • Protection — Apply a wax, sealant or ceramic coating to give your car the aesthetic appeal of a glossy shine while ensuring ongoing paintwork protection from the elements.

Car detailing is a methodical process requiring great attention and the ability to systematically carry out the necessary steps to keep your paintwork protected and looking its best!

Paint Correction

Over time our vehicle’s paintwork may begin to fade and its lustre. This is due mostly to the effects of UV Damage from the sun and also from repetitive washing and drying that may have left ‘micro-scratches’ behind that dull the finish. 

Paint Correction is the process of using micro-abrasives to remove imperfections and level the clear coat in order to restore the paintwork back to its original finish. 

At Auto Dent Care, we perform a thorough vehicle assessment prior to any work commencing. The paint is monitored by a digital “Paint Depth Gauge”. This gauge provides us with vital information in regards to the overall condition and thickness of the paintwork. By measuring the total paint depth ourselves, we can gauge which service is most suited for your vehicle and how to provide the best and safest possible outcome. 

Levels of Paint Correction

Single-Stage Paint Correction: The vehicle is machine polished with a medium-cut polishing compound and medium-cut buffing pad. This removes minor-moderate paint defects such as swirl marks and light marring and restores paint to a high gloss finish. 

Two-Stage Paint Correction: The vehicle is machine polished in two stages. The first stage is a heavy-cutting stage with a heavy-cut compound and a heavy-cut buffing pad to remove moderate-heavy defects such as watermarks, paint etching and heavy marring. The second stage utilises a medium-cut polishing compound and medium-cut buffing pad. This two-stage process provides greater defect removal and restores paint to a high gloss finish. 

Multi-Stage Paint Correction: The pinnacle in Paint Correction, the vehicle is machine polished in multiple stages. A multi-stage paint correction is reserved for those who want the absolute best outcome for their vehicle’s paintwork. Multiple polishing stages are performed to the paintwork as close to perfect as possible, before a final ‘jewelling polish’ is performed to reveal an ultra-high gloss finish with optimal paint clarity. 

Auto Dentcare — Sydney’s premium car detailing services

Get your car detailed today with Auto Dentcare, Australia’s fully licensed, prestige car experts. As car enthusiasts, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands. We’re so sure of our exceptional services that we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee or your money back. We’ll even provide you with one of our replacement vehicles for free, so you can go about your day while we take care of the rest.



Does my car need paint correction?

You’ll know your car needs paint correction if you see swirl marks on your vehicle caused by improper washing and maintenance. Paint correction uses a polishing machine to remove paint defects and correct the paintwork to a perfect finish.

Polishing is a far better alternative to buffing; a one size fits all approach that does not account for the paint hardness, thickness and the type of defect. Buffing involves removing a thin paint coating to remove any cracks or scratches, providing substandard results.

Examples of paint defects to look out for include:

  • Water spots — Water spots are caused by calcium deposits in tap water that has dried on your vehicle. Wash your car when it's cool, out of direct sunlight to avoid these spots, and ensure you physically dry your car yourself.
  • Bird droppings — The acid from bird droppings can sometimes eat right through the layers of paint to the metal! This defect is most serious since it's difficult to repair without painting.
  • Paint fade — Your car colour is susceptible to fade from the sun, often seen with red cars fading to pink or white cars becoming more chalky. This is more common with single-stage paintwork where there’s no clear coat.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is the most diverse paint protection product in the world, used to protect the interior and exterior environments from common blemish-causing materials. It's made from silica and titanium, which, when combined, form a nano-ceramic shield above your car’s clear coat.

While DIY ceramic coatings are on the market, opting for a professional ceramic coating is beneficial for various reasons. You can trust the experts to complete the prep work, application, curing and aftercare specifically catered to your vehicle's needs. Ceramic coatings from a car detailing service are custom formulated for different materials and applications, so you can rest assured your car is looked after, rather than opting for a DIY solution that’s a one size fits all approach.

Do I need ceramic coating on my car?

It’s undeniable that a professional-grade ceramic coating will provide a sacrificial layer of protection to your car that will last for years. If you’re unsure whether you should invest in a ceramic coating on your new car immediately or wait a while, you can count on the best possible results if you have your car professionally coated fresh from the dealership. That way, you can ensure the surface of your vehicle is free from any contaminants or debris.

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