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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

A dent on your beloved vehicle is very common and can happen quite often. Below discusses what can be the cause behind getting one and how to address the issue using the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technique.

Common dent types

Typical dents that occur are from hail damage caused from thunderstorms, mainly during summer time, parking dents, caused by incautious drivers that bump their door against your vehicle, mostly in a car park, and also dents caused by trolleys at the shopping mall, tree branches and minor collisions accidents. All of the above can be repaired via paintless dent removal technique, where the term PDR abbreviates from, a repair without the need to repaint the vehicle. How does that work?

How it works

Compared to handing in your car to a traditional panel shop, where in order to repair your vehicle, the panels are replaced, sometimes by using non genuine ones, or through the application of body fillers and paint, using the paintless dent repair method it can speed up the repair and also give you a better quality finish. You will not only save time but also money, since the PDR technique will maintain the original paint on your vehicle and help retain the value during its lifetime; you'll avoid substantial loss in value in case of a future resale.

There are two ways to repair a dent via PDR, by pushing or pulling! Let's go into detail how it works;

After assessing the location and the extent of the dent, to effectively complete the repair we must gain access, this may mean removing interior panels or trims by our highly trained technicians. Then by using special rods and hammers, the dent is worked from the backside of the panel by applying the correct amount of pressure and massaging back the metal to its original shape until it is as good as new!

However not all dents are equal and they are all different! In some cases, dents can be located in the roof pillars or in structural sections of the vehicle where it is reinforced by multiple layers of panels and pushing is therefore not possible. On this occasion we can use the glue pulling method. By using special glue developed for dent removal we are able to pull the damage towards the outside and level out the over-pulled areas afterwards in order to get an even finish.


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