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Ceramic Paint Protection in Sydney

At Auto Dent Care, we are certified and accredited Gtechniq Detailers. Gtechniq was founded in 2001 by Quantum Physicist, Drew Gill. Since then, it is now tried and tested and has grown into one of the world’s leading ceramic paint protection companies which distributes worldwide.

Gtechniq gives matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance.

Extensive laboratory tests prove that its thicker, glossier, and harder structure offer unparalleled abrasion and chemical protection.

Make sure to choose a professional for your Ceramic Coating application. At Auto Dent Care, we have the best and the most experienced team that will make sure the preparation, and the installation of the ceramic protection will be extremely accurate and flawless.
And remember, it is always cheaper to do the job right the first time. So, do not risk doing your ceramic coating application with no one else but the best! We offer a wide range of Ceramic Paint Protection Packages to suit every individual's needs and budget. All Ceramic Coating Packages include a Single-Stage Paint Correction (additional paint correction will incur additional fees) to remove minor defects, enhance gloss and clarity before the coating is applied.

Benefits of ceramic coatings

Using official Gtechniq products, including the Crystal Serum Ultra, our accredited detailers will apply ceramic coating to your vehicle to safeguard it from several adverse conditions and scenarios. Whether you’re looking to protect your paintwork from minor scratches and chipping or even safeguard your windows from low-intensity impacts and scuffs, we have the people that can help you out. 

There's no better place to go for ceramic paint protection services in Sydney. That’s because an accredited Gtechniq detailer can only properly apply ceramic paint protection, giving our work a 9-year guarantee. 

Once you work with us, you can enjoy fresh car ceramic coating in Sydney and a host of benefits, including: 

  • Durability — With a 9-year guarantee, you’ll be admiring your car’s ceramic coating for years, not months. There’s no reason to compromise on quality. That’s why we only use the best products in our services. 
  • Superior protection — Gtechniq is the industry standard. With high-quality products designed specifically for ultra protection at our disposal, we know how to give your car the best protection possible. We know quality when we see it, and Gtechniq is the real deal. 
  • Weather and environment resistance — You won’t have to worry about the harmful properties of UV, heat, and chemical substances. Our ceramic paint protection in Sydney ensures that your vehicle is resistant to most properties, letting you drive your car in peace. Ceramic paint will also protect your car from bird poo, tree sap, flies and bugs. 
  • Hardness — With a hardness level of 9H, your vehicle will be resistant to swirl marks, marring from washing and drying and all kinds of minor scratches and scuffs. You won’t find a more versatile and effective application on the market. 
  • Hydrophobic properties — There’s nothing more annoying than having a freshly washed car get immediately bombarded by dirt, water and dust. With ceramic car coating in Sydney, you’ll avoid constantly covering your car or washing it after a single day of use. Ceramic coating will prevent you from stressing about the cleanliness of your car and keep your mind at ease when it’s parked outside. 
  • Easy clean — Because your car will be protected from the elements, it’ll be easy to clean. Washing and drying will be much quicker, with simple wipes doing the same amount of work as an intense clean would’ve done without the coating. 
  • Low-maintenance — There’s no need to clay, wax, seal or polish your car after a successful ceramic coating. Gone will be the days of spending hours trying to make your car spotless. 
  • Amazing aesthetics — You’ll also enjoy an intensely aesthetically pleasing high-gloss finish. You can step back and admire the beauty of your vehicle, knowing it won’t fade like it normally would without a ceramic coating. 


What does ceramic coating protect against?
Auto Dent Care’s ceramic paint protection in Sydney is designed to safeguard your vehicle against most minor scratches and scuffs, meaning you won’t have to worry about damaging your precious car. The coating also protects against the weather, mitigating and eliminating harmful UV rays, heat and chemical substances.
Does ceramic coating protect from scratches?
Yes! When ceramic coating is performed by the accredited professionals at Auto Dent Care, your vehicle will have scratch-resistance properties for several years before requiring a fresh coat.
Are ceramic coatings permanent?
No, but they last for several years. With minimal but regular maintenance, you can expect to enjoy the full benefits of your ceramic coating for five to nine years. That includes scratch-resistance, weather resistance and even an easier cleaning process.
How do you clean ceramic coating?
The same way you’d normally clean your car — but faster and easier! Since the coat gives your car extra protection from dirt, you can expect a simple and convenient cleaning process for as long as the coat is adhered to your car.
How long after ceramic coating can it get wet?
Once your car has been coated successfully, you should wait roughly 24 hours after application to expose your vehicle to water and moisture. After this period, you can drive your car just as you did before. The upside is that you’ll have added protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish for years to come.
Can ceramic coating be removed?
Though it is possible to remove ceramic coating, it is not recommended once it has been applied. If you’re considering applying it, make sure you speak to us to discuss everything involved in our services so you can make an informed decision.

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